Shiv Shakti Technologies, which is a reliable Computer & Consumables Support and Service Company Serving Delhi NCR. We have 3 years of the industry experience with 100+ customers in and around Delhi NCR. We provide support for all type of Home PCs, Servers, Laptops, Printers and all computer accessories and consumables. We deal with all types of branded products such as Intel, AMD, HP, Compaq, Asus, LG, Sony, Creative, Logitech, Samsung, Canon and more support and service amc. We also assemble computers on request.Our Services including computer AMC, Computer Rentals, Computer Repair, LAN Network support, Data Recovery, On-site component upgrade, Troubleshooting, New system setup, Software Configuration, Anti-virus Protection, Spy ware detection and more.

We specialize in providing onsite computer repair services,computer amc and network support for small and medium-sized businesses. Our commitment to world-class customer service has made us the most respected on-site computer repair and support provider in our service area.


FMS(Facility Management system)

The ISS Facility Management System plays an important role in daily operations and management processes. Delivering FM is more complex than delivering single services, and hence requires more rigid management processes and support systems.

For ISS to fulfil our vision of leading the industry and having a competitive advantage, we have a support system in place that facilitates national and international best practices.

We have adopted a consistent approach throughout our business and across countries, not only in service delivery but also in the support system. This has now been adapted as a group wide standard. The ISS Facility Management System supports our operations and is essential in ensuring consistency and quality in service delivery.

To continuously improve our FM offering, we focus on our ability to implement and operate a Facility Management System as something that sets us apart in daily service delivery and performance measurement.


IT Renting

Over the last few years, the business of holding Conventions, Exhibitions and Staff Training has proved that there is an ever increasing need for Information Technology Systems and Services to make these events successful.

It is vital to employ highly reliable, state-of-the-art equipment backed by expert service to present a professional image to your clients. Often, additional resources and expertise are required to stage such events and this is a service that we can provide. Systems can be supplied fully Networked, with reliable backup, reliable technical support ready to deliver under extremely tight schedules.

Our commitment to clients is uncompromised satisfaction at fair and competitive price.


Software Licensing Services

We provides software licensing, distribution and management services for departments at the University of Florida. It also maintains an on-line directory of software licenses managed at the University of Florida.